What’s in a name?

August 18, 2014

First of all, I want to prove we are a farm. Here is our barn and my vegetable garden. You may wonder, where are the animals?

We have none.

Although we do have Chester.


He came with the house. He follows me….helps me weed the garden, sits on the porch
while I am in the house. He can’t figure me out.

At times, I revel in his beauty snapping photographs and at other times, like when he perches
on my car and leaves his droppings, I yell at him like a crazy person.


I am beginning to have feelings for him, not sure how much longer I can yell at him; he may
win the car battle.


At first, I thought there was just one Chester. But when different birds started dropping
feathers at different rates, I realized I have several friends.

They are becoming more and more comfortable in my gardens.

I am not even sure which one is Chester anymore.

I kind of miss him.


I think about getting a puppy, but being surrounded by peacocks feels like living in paradise.

I wrangled with the name of this blog. Our farm has been called Hayden Creek Farm for 149 years
so it seemed obvious. But we are surrounded by beautiful Chester’s. In the end, I think of us
as Hayden Creek Farm on Peacock Prairie.DSCN0507

Latest Comments

  1. Penny says:



  2. LuAnne says:

    The pictures are beautiful! You should really consider photography!


  3. Jeffrey says:

    Go Chester! You should get 2 puppies instead of just one for double the fun!


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