It’s buggy out there.

August 20, 2014

Can you guess what the shadow is on the barn?


It’s these two! They joined me for lunch on the front porch. When I took their picture,
they appeared as a shadow on the barn. It was thrilling! Remember, I am a farm girl.


Jeffrey was asked, “What kind of animals do you have on your farm?” His response,
“Potato beetles.” It’s true. We have hundreds on the potatoes, and the
potatoes? Sooo good! They are thriving. We are 100% organic and I am proud to
say we have a surplus. Yes, we have disease and bugs, but the veges don’t
seem to mind. They all coexist in their imperfect world quite happily.


This girl just bloomed this morning. Last Spring, I wasn’t sure she
would make it, but we had a talk. I told her I love blue. It’s my
favorite flower color. She perked up.


I went back a short time later to get a close-up, but she was done for the day. Guess
that’s why they call her a morning glory. I am the opposite. About 10:00pm, I perk up and
find it difficult to stop. Then in the morning, I am wilted.


I made coconut muffins last night for dinner. This afternoon I excitedly thought,
I will have another.

Benny said, “They’re gone.”

I responded, “That’s not possible. There were 6 this morning.”

“It’s possible,” he said.


Benny is stepping out into the world on Sunday- leaving the nest. Things run through
my mind: will this toilet bowl cleaner I am packing be opened next May?; who
will find his keys?; does he realize professional poker is not a career?……


Seriously, I couldn’t be prouder of who he has become and I am glad he is so
independent and capable, but I admit there is another part of me that wishes
he were still my little boy and could stay here always. Then I remember- the muffins.






I appreciate

your visit.

Please come again.

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  1. Chrissa says:

    Julie, did I say out loud I thought you should have a blog? If not I’m so glad you read my mind! Love it.


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