September 2, 2014

I have great news!

Did you know peacocks bring good luck?

When I heard that….

I was so HAPPY for you all! I mean, really, this blog is full of peacocks.


You may think:

She must spend hours with her camera getting those amazing peacock photos-
I’ll bet her house is dusty.


You are right- on one count. The peacocks are so obliging, I can usually
wrap it up in about 20 minutes. We are surrounded by sooo many of
these lovely creatures. I could not possibly count them all.

The most incredible thing is, they are not ours. Nope. Just came with
the house. We do not feed them.

This place is amazing!


I can’t wait to share Spring with you. It’s going to be incredible. That is when they really like to show off.


Water lily blooming in the pond.

So… you are thinking, that means her house is dusty?

Yep, I admit….. but it wasn’t.

When we first moved in, it was sparkling most everyday! I was so excited about this beautiful,
old house; I dusted like never before.


The light, on this evening, was so unusual- soothing in a way.

I was so proud of myself, but now I have reverted back to my old ways. I am still excited about this
house, but, after all, I live with guys.They really don’t notice.

I am even prouder of myself now. It’s really not that important.

If God did not want dust, he would not have created it.


FINALLY- these little guys are tough to catch. A male goldfinch on our sunflowers.

After I learned about good luck, I googled peacock lore to see if there was anything else you should know.

It turns out, they are a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we show our true colors.

I LOVE that.


Last week, I wanted to be an Indian, but now I want to be a peacock. Wouldn’t it be great to bestow
good luck on all who saw you? I want that job! Imagine what it would be like, if we all showed our
true colors, and everyone who saw us was dazzled.






You are beautifui.

Let your true

colors shine,

and may good luck

follow you-

wherever you go.

Latest Comments

  1. Penny says:

    Love it!


  2. Betsy Palasinski says:

    I could leave a message every time you give us some of your food for thought but I am not going to do that. Just know this, I look forward to all that is posted on this blog and am so happy to have this bit of information about this lovely bird. Keep those beautiful words and pictures coming.


  3. Apple Hill Cottage says:

    If God did not want dust, he would not have created it.

    Oh I love that — especially because just yesterday I mistakenly looked under the bed! And nice to meet you as well. Glad you discovered me — I think we might live in a parallel universe.


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