The old creaky door.

September 5, 2014

I have a confession: I have not been exercising.


My friend, chummy, flying in for an afternoon snack.

I have another confession: yesterday, I made chocolate chip cookies. Not just regular chocolate-chip
cookies but Millie’s, secret-recipe, chocolate-chip cookies.

Best described as:



make you feel happy;

contain oatmeal, so must be healthy; chocolate-chip cookies!!


Although I had purchased the chocolate-chips to make a care package for my college son, it is too hot
to mail cookies; they would melt. Not wanting my purchased chocolate-chips to get old,
I decided to bake for…….me!

…….No, I did not check the expiration date.


View through my kitchen window.

Then last night, while eating healthy snacks with a group of girlfriends, the topic of exercise arose.
I sat quietly, listening, until directly challenged with the question “Do you exercise?”

“No,” I said, wanting to give a different answer. But I am a really good baker, I thought.

It was then, I faced the nagging facts. I am over the hill. I have not been exercising. I am beginning to
notice a few aches and pains.


We have two types of doors here on peacock prairie: new springy ones and old creaky ones.
I have definitely been feeling like the latter.

Tomorrow will be different, I thought, I will oil that old creaky door- meaning, I will ride my bike.


The old, creaky barn door.

This morning, before my feet even left the bed, my list of reasons
not to exercise was long. And then I stepped outside.

It was HOT.

It was HUMID. Ugh, I despise humid. I looked at the old creaky
door fondly. It has so much character…………..


but I really want to be springy, so………



I huffed and puffed, in low gear, around our country block- switching to high gear
and pulling in my panting tongue when passing pedestrians. I waited for the
‘runner’s high’ feeling, that I read about, but it never came.

I was just hot.


So happy to see so many honeybees this summer.

Returning to the house, it felt as if my legs had been replaced with heavy wooden prostheses.

Upon entering the kitchen, I saw the heaping plate of cookies and smiled, for I knew this was
going to be…………….. a really GREAT day! I’m calling this a delayed ‘runner’s high’.


Whatever it is that is making your door creaky- could even be a lack of cookies- get out your oil,
and be good to yourself.














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