Fluttery feelings

September 6, 2014

There is something special about the energy in my vegetable garden.
Spending time there lifts me up and makes my spirit soar.

Today I hid there, amongst the zinnias, to see what I would find. I am
so excited to share it with you.

As I held the camera steady, the wings of this swallowtail  brushed against my arm.

Why was she not afraid of me?


Had she been talking to my friend Mr. praying mantis? (see Karma post)


Or maybe, I radiate a sweet, sugary smell similar to a chocolate chip cookie?


Or maybe, she mistook me for a giant zinnia? My shirt was pink.


Actually, giant zinnias are not that far-fetched in this garden. The cosmos I planted tower above
me like a small tree, and we had heaps and heaps of vegetables.


I would like to brag about my green thumb, but I would be full of it……as is the soil- which
is the real reason for my  great bounty.

My garden is tucked away behind the barn, where the cattle used to graze. This has proven
to be the perfect location, for the soil is rich with years of untapped, composted manure.


Even the cauliflower, with peacock pecked leaves, produced! Unbelievable.


A few weeks ago, bluebirds and barn swallows flitted above filling the garden with their sweet song.
Now, as Summer inches toward Fall, it is quieter.


But in the quiet, I felt a song- a grand and glorious song.


You may be wondering, where is this place? I have never seen anything like it, but you have. It really was
just a small patch of zinnias and a pair of open eyes.


To put the icing on a cake, that was already frosted, my friend, chummy, showed up!


I took my first picture of him without window glass between us!

It was an ear splitting grand finale to a quiet song.




So, my friend,

I challenge you to hear

a quiet song.

Thanks for visiting

peacock prairie.

Latest Comments

  1. Betsy Palasinski says:

    The moment I saw you posted I went to your blog. I have to admit, I had been there while you were writing. You have inspired me to visit my garden, camera in hand, and wait for that magical moment. Loving everything about this blog.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Becky says:

    Wow! More stunning pictures, you are truly gifted. I admit, if I visit my gardens today, it will be with a sense of dread and a yard waste container in hand. My gardeners are all back in school.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Marcia says:

    Just beautiful, Julie!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Kathy Weber-Slocum says:

    Thanks for starting my hectic week with such beauty!


  5. cindy knoke says:

    You are a beautiful person. Your home and photographs are remarkable.


  6. Julie says:

    Thanks Cindy. Your blog is one of my favorites. You are a beautiful artist.


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