September 8, 2014

This morning, as darkness retreated and light beamed up from the approaching sun, a dim star twinkled on the horizon reminding me of my dream- visible, yet so far away.

DSCN1054Shortly thereafter, the rising sun easily doused the twinkle like an eight year old with a candle snuffer.

But I knew it’s disappearance was a mirage; it was still there……

behind the dawn.

DSCN1070I imagined myself with a giant butterfly net reaching out and capturing that twinkle, gently pulling my dream a bit closer.

DSCN0944Just close enough to join hands with the dawn,  yet                                                                                                                             far enough away so the dazzle would not overpower me.

Will I ever catch my dreams?

DSCN1050I know what I am.

I am a creator.


the expression of this in a compensatory fashion has thus far eluded me. But I am older now, I’ve jumped the hurdles, in a stumbling way, and gained more confidence with each jump.DSCN1057It doesn’t matter anymore, so much, what people think. I am finding my voice. Writing gives my creativity breath.

Each breath filling me with peace…

like the perfect meditation.
DSCN0651There are doubts    h   o   v   e   r   i   n   g     around me, like that 8 year old boy with the candle snuffer, threatening to break my meditation.DSCN0890There are also gems, encouraging me with their kind words-

“You can do it. I am here to see you finish.”DSCN0520

I have reached a milestone, one hundred followers on my blog!!!


I can hardly believe it. This may not seem like much to you experienced screen people, but to me it is huge.

Two months ago, I knew nothing of facebook…. and blogging?

It was a foreign language.


I was hugely disappointed when I learned, blogging was a prerequisite to getting published.

I can’t do it, I thought, my dreams evaporating.

That hurdle was ginormous, but I must breathe-

so… one



at a time

I convinced myself to try.

DSCN0483And now?

I LOVE it.

I LOVE it even more than chocolate-chip cookies!

DSCN0997The pictures come easily to me, but the writing is more challenging. Those neurons take more time and effort to develop, but I am getting stronger.


The words are there,

d         a           n          g         l         i         n         g

before my eyes, sometimes even in multiples. I wonder if the comma neuron is getting a bit too muscular as I find so many of them, in, my, writing.




Can you see your dreams?

Reach for them, my friend,

it is the only way.



Latest Comments

  1. Linda says:

    Congratulations Julie. I absolutely love your blog. You have a wonderful gift an I have no doubt we will all be rejoicing when your first book is published.


  2. Marilyn says:

    What a gift! Your dad shared his thoughts about your latest book. I am looking forward to reading it. he is quite impressed.


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