Drizzle Sizzle.

September 11, 2014

Deer friends,

I went walking in today’s cold drizzle and glimpsed several spectacular shots, but, alas, the camera in
my pocket was not charged. Fortunately, I do have a few photos from yesterday which I deerly hope you enjoy.


I confess, the recharging requirement for technology has a habit of slipping my mind. My cellphones
never quite reach their potential.


Walking, by myself, down a well-known trail is my way of recharging. I love watching the familiarity of
the trail change with the seasons.


This recharging I do not forget for I am addicted. Even in the cold drizzle today, I was high.


When I am by myself, I notice more. Sometimes it’s a bit more than noticing, it’s a feeling- a connectedness
to Earth’s energy. It is very powerful.


Today while standing in a patch of waist high wildflowers, I felt my energy shift.


As if the wildflowers were tugging on my soul saying,

“Come up here and bloom with us.”

Have you ever wondered- how it would feel to bloom?

Think about it.


I imagine it would be like pure positive energy pouring out of my heart with a lingering lovely fragrance.





You have a bloom inside.

Let it out.

Help others to see it in themselves.                      

I wish you joy in your day.




Latest Comments

  1. jess Richardson says:

    Uncle Tom had sent me the link to this blog, very neat, very inspiring and creative. Beautiful photography. I will visit frequently 🙂


  2. Lynne says:

    Beautiful pictures Julie! And beautiful words!


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