Beautiful bookends.

September 13, 2014

Today I noticed my fingertips are calloused from typing, and then it dawned on me…..


I AM a writer!

I am so grateful you are here reading my words.


As I sit here typing at the end of my day, with a crackling fire beside me and
memories of a crisp Fall day within me, life feels amazing.


Amazing at the end of my day is the perfect bookend to amazing at the beginning of my day.


What was so amazing at the beginning of my day?

Well, at the beginning of my day….


I heard God chuckle!

It was incredible.

I am not making this up. You’ll see, I have pictures to prove it.


You may recall from my post a few days ago, There’s gold in them
thar hills!
, we have missing gold bars buried somewhere on the farm.


To quote, myself, I wrote:  While exploring with my young son,
we often stop to overturn rocks and old timbers in hopes of
seeing a golden glimmer, but as of yet it is for only the rainbow to know.

In my short time here, I have seen many thrilling sights through my kitchen window, but I was awestruck by this:

IMG_1196Do you see what I saw?

The gold is in the silo!!!

It was at this thought, I heard God chuckle. I swear.


Some will say the rainbow was just serendipitous, but they did not hear the chuckle to go with it. I’ve been through enough, I KNOW that whisper behind my ear.







It does leave me with one question.

Is there really gold

in that thar silo?

Latest Comments

  1. Marcia says:

    Your photography is amazing!


  2. John lohrstorfer says:

    I love your posts and reflections!


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