Silken reflections.

September 16, 2014

When I awake, I am blessed with an East facing window. As awareness interrupts slumber, my first thoughts
are of the sunrise.


This morning, mist puffed off the pond, and I was overcome with an urgency to be amongst it with my camera.


Ignoring my silk nightie, I hastily donned my clunky farm boots and favorite
flannel shirt and raced into the brisk dawn.


Running in silk is new for me. I felt like a commercial as the wind ruffled the silk around me. One of the things
I absolutely love about  the farm is the privacy. No one knew…

until now.DSCN1346

Traipsing through the dew filled morning, snapping photographs, I felt a rightness with my soul like awakening
to the perfect cup of coconut chai tea.

Nope, not coffee, definitely coconut chai tea.

If you have not tried coconut chai tea, I suggest you do. You will find it at World Market and it is worth every penny.
Add a dash of vanilla rice milk, and you can burn the beans.


Since I limit myself to one cup a day, I admit, I never drink out of that pretty little teacup- mine looks more
like a crock pot, but I wanted  to portray sophistication to banish your vision of clunkiness.


There are times in life when the deliciousness of each moment permeates my senses like a fireball of joy, and
this beautiful morning was one of them.


As I returned to civilization, the fireball lessened; shivering, I realized silk is not the best garment to wear
on a 45 degree chilly morning.  I raced back to a steaming cup of coconut chai. Aaah! Farm life- it suits me.












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  1. dayphoto says:

    WOW! Your photos are just stunning! I thank you for signing up to follow my blog about our life on a farm in Western Colorado! Love your area!



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