Brussel sprout brigade.

September 19, 2014



“More please!!” say my taste-buds after eating farm-fresh vegetables.DSCN1463Just looking at these muscly brussel sprouts makes my mouth water. Aren’t they beautiful?

I think so too, but Farmer Tom disagreed.DSCN0647 “What’s this?” he asked, suspiciously, looking at the plate of steaming green spheres.

“Roasted brussel sprouts. I love ’em!”

“I’ve had these before. They’re terrible,” he said, with complete conviction.DSCN1471This got my 7 year old’s attention. Like a seasoned veteran, he piped in,
“Dad, you should at least try them.”

I agreed.

So being the good soldier that he is, that strapping farmer took one-half of one
and placed it on the far edge of his dinner plate.DSCN1427I inconspicuously watched that tiny green speck, sit idly on my farmer’s plate,
with increasing suspense. Upon realizing I was going to finish my dinner and
lack a reason to stay seated,

I chewed s..l..o..w..e..r.DSCN1003…….Finally, his fork reached for the speck,

and then, surprisingly, his knife appeared slicing it in two.
Successfully reducing the brawn of the muscly brussel sprout to the frailness of
a wilted pea, Farmer Tom warily tasted that speck, and said…DSCN1462 “More please.”

No ‘Zing!’ or ‘Wowsa!’ or ‘More please!!’- just a laid back ‘more please.’,
but that’s ok; it’s a big step up from ‘terrible’. I was so relieved
knowing the rest of my long row of beautiful brussel sprouts would not have
to join the ranks of enemy.DSCN1288Eating fresh from the farm makes all of the difference. Here is the recipe link I used: all of your brussel sprouts be fresh and muscly. Have a good weekend!

Latest Comments

  1. Nick says:

    Julie, have you tried dilled brussed sprouts? I love the picture of the house that you posted.


  2. Nick says:


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  3. Marcia says:

    Love, love, love Brussels sprouts! Look for recipes for Brussels sprout salads, almost like a slaw. You just shave them and add other good things, like kale! Yum!

    The pictures are wonderful!

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  4. Julie says:

    Thanks. I love taking them.


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