The birds and the bee!

September 25, 2014

The stars were still twinkling when my feet hit the floor this beautiful morning. Why?DSCN1824Something was bothering me, and I intended to rise with the dawn to remedy it. What could possibly be bothering a farm girl living in paradise?DSCN1843There is something I have been keeping from you- something BIGDSCN1816I intended to share my secret with bunches of amazing photos but, although I have tried and tried, I have produced but a few mediocre photos. However, I can’t keep it in any longer…

I am in love!DSCN1597with the birds. In fact, I am a complete bird nut.

Why, while professing my feathered fancy, would I show a picture of nuts?

Here is my problem: This…….DSCN1841 is my picture of ducks. Do you see the ripples? It’s  proof- they were here.

And this……..DSCN1826is my picture of a chickadee. Look closely, it’s like an ‘I spy’ game.

I thought for sure by getting up at the crack of dawn, I would, unsuspectingly,                                                                                   nab a few sleepy feathers but no luck.

I do have a few that I took through the kitchen window. Like this:DSCN1363and this:DSCN1576and this:


Northern Flicker

but, they lack character.

I did a little better lying on my back, under a pile of weeds, for an eternity in the sunflowers.DSCN1099This actually worked, but it felt too much like work. I have come to realize successful photographing of the birds is not for a nut like me.DSCN1101Just a moment, I’ll be right back…..

I left because the room was filled with a sweet song that I did not recognize.                                                                                   This is what I found sitting on the top of our fireplace chimney-DSCN1879a bird and a bee!!

I had already labeled this post, The birds and the bee, because I intended to end with this photo:DSCN1852because the bee has so much character, but I guess God had other plans! So I end with this:DSCN1879God is chuckling- again!






That’s all from this feather-filled prairie. Have a good day!


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  1. amaryllislog says:

    Oh those darn birds, elusive aren’t they?! You captured some nice ones, and the bee, lovely!


  2. lisa szeles says:



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