October 13, 2014

Yesterday, I walked to the Hayden Creek bridge where childhood memories live.


As I leisurely walked, the familiar path, I remembered the carefree days of running, at high speed
with no effort, down this same path surrounded by a procession of my sisters and brothers.


Mom would bring up the rear carrying a picnic lunch and helping the youngest find his way. Occasionally,
we would slow to conquer a tantalizing limb


or to heave a rock, with a splashy show, into the pond. This allowed Mom
to catch up. “Be careful. Don’t fall,” she would warn. Then we would be
off, at a gallop, searching for the next adventure.


Across the bridge was a flower-filled grassy area which was perfect for our picnic.  As we ate, we crafted
dandelion jewelry to decorate Mom. We competed to see who could make the biggest and the best, but
Mom liked them all- ever fair in her outpouring of compliments.


With a belly full of peanut butter and jelly, we happily scrambled
around searching for the perfect twig in hopes of winning the twig
drop contest. Excited shouts of “Look at this one!” echoed round.


Hanging over the bridge, on Mom’s count of three, we dropped our chosen twigs into the cascading waterfall and quickly pivoted round to wait, in eager anticipation, for its resurfacing.





It was fun to win; but being the oldest, I,
at times, hesitated in the dropping, just a bit, to watch the younger ones win.



Yesterday, as I reached the bridge, the sound of cascading water brought the echoes of childhood abandon back to me with a longing. In my childhood, I lived zestfully, savoring each perfect moment, with an unbreakable confidence that more were to follow.


This day my confidence wavers: in the writing, I find joy which boosts it, but in the waiting for publication,
I find doubts which shake it to it’s core. Threateningly, I hear the clock ticking. 

I have heard: ‘Do what you love, the rest will come’. This rings true for me; therefore, I continue- ever waiting
for the editor’s ‘compliments’, and hoping they are as ‘fair’ as Mom’s.



Be brave

and seek

that which

you love,

and in the


may you

find joy!

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  1. Julie's garden blog says:

    Oh this is a beautiful post! It reminds me so much of my childhood .. Sounds, smells, voices and love. Your pics are magic too .. Thank you so much for sharing. My day is better for riding this


  2. Julie's garden blog says:

    Whoops .. Reading this! 🙂


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