An Unexpected Blessing

April 18, 2015

Sown by nature, wildflowers amaze me with their dainty appearance, yet obvious strength. How did these fragile looking
hepatica push through the heavy layer of fallen leaves?



The mystery of life is never so apparent as in spring when Earth transforms her energy into shoots of green at an astonishing rate.


The rapidly growing skunk cabbage.

As I plant my vegetable garden, I love the feeling of participation in the mystery of life that gardening brings.


planting peas

When my efforts produce results, I bask in my sense of control.

I did that!  I think with smug satisfaction.


Last year’s bulbs, this year’s beauty.

Yesterday, I found a battered daffodil bulb laying in the grass with a chewed off stub where once was a promising bud.

What happened?  I thought.


I growled in exasperation which caused the boundless fur-ball of energy at my ankles to leap with excitement,
nearly knocking me over.


The perfect puppy toy– an old peach tree container.

Looking at my once tranquil garden, I saw the telltale puppy hole– gone was my sense of control.

Puppy pandemonium has changed the peaceful prairie.


There’s that tail again.

Looking into her adoring eyes, I sighed, “Why did you do that?”

In response, she grabbed her troublesome tail and crazily turned in circles like a whirlwind of insanity.


It was then it occurred to me, she was bursting with Earth’s energy, just like the daffodil, and although different than the golden
blooms, she was just as beautiful. Besides I had plenty of other daffodils and only one adoring whirlwind. It was then, I, too, felt
growth, for in the acceptance of what is– lies peace.













Latest Comments

  1. derrickjknight says:

    Love the boy and dog on the path. Re plants forcing their way up, you may be amused at this one:


  2. Eliza Waters says:

    Our newly adopted rescue has Golden in her and I have holes everywhere! She is so cute, I can’t stay mad at her for long. I guess I’ll be filling lots of holes this year. 😉


  3. Julie@frogpondfarm says:

    Wonderful post .. Peace to you too 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Lucy says:

    Gorgeous pictures!! I love the pictures of the pup ❤ What a cutie!!!


  5. Jane says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, Julie. It meant I got to discover your wonderful one! Will read more posts when I have time, but I wanted to say how much I enjoyed these beautiful images from where you live. And yes, I do appreciate seeing a live peacock this time! 🙂


    • Julie says:

      Thanks for your visit and for following my blog, Jane. I enjoy blogs from your side of the world, for when it is bitter cold here, it is high summer there. What an amazing world– opposite sides of the world communicating like next door neighbors.

      Liked by 1 person

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