The Happy Hypocrite

April 26, 2015

Nine months ago, I stared at the impossible. . .

It is recommended you begin building a following using social media prior to being published.


Not that. I could never do that. I have no desire to write anything for anybody taller than my armpit. Besides, I’m shy, I argued.


How much do you want it? a knowing voice argued back.

I discourage children from using social media. Wouldn’t my involvement make me a hypocrite? Besides, I have absolutely
nothing to say to adults. Dr. Seuss didn’t need social media, and neither do I– so smug in my ignorance.


But it wouldn’t go away. What if blogging was the missing key ingredient to an otherwise successful writing career?

I’m a nut about nature– maybe I could do something with that, I wavered.  Well, I’ll have you know this quote, by anonymous,
makes perfect sense to me now:

Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held it’s ground.


This morning I heard an unfamiliar bird singing a lovely song. Spotting movement in the thicket, I zoomed in and captured
him with my, new to me, camera. After googling, I realized I have a picture of a yellow-rumped warbler!

I’m tickled. Warblers are not easy birds to spot, and not only did I spot him, I photographed him, and then was able  to share
him with you all.


I’ve had great fun with this stump that sits on the edge of a peeper pond.


A pair of chickadees are hollowing it out in preparation for nesting and seem oblivious to my prying lens.


With the chorus of peepers and bouncing daffodils at their doorstep, do they, like I, notice the beauty of their chosen home?


It surprises me how absolutely sure I was that blogging was not for me. I enjoy it so much, but almost missed it because of fear.













of great things.

Thanks for visiting the prairie.


Latest Comments

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks for letting us visit the prairie! Beautiful and inspirational as always.


  2. Lynne says:

    You are an inspiration to us all! Love your beautiful photographs and thoughtful musings! So glad you took the step out!


  3. Eliza Waters says:

    Great post that most of us can relate to. A big undertaking when all is new, we laugh now to think we almost let fear stop us. And think of all the fun we might have missed! 🙂
    Love the shot of the peacock – wow!


  4. derrickjknight says:

    You have nothing to fear


  5. Amy says:

    Beautiful post, julie! Love these bird captures. 🙂


    • Julie says:

      Now that spring is here, it’s wonderful to have birds at every turn. Photographing them is addicting and so much fun. Thanks for your visit.


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