Wherefore Art Thou Peacock Prairie?

Like the sun during today’s solar eclipse, Peacock Prairie faded until all that remained was a flicker of memories.

“Why?” you ask, and you have every right.

The reasons are many, but I will mention only one: lack of time; therefore, I am now blogging, using a different format. Click here to visit my new site: Julia Richardson

I would like to extend my sincere thank you for your support during the early stages of my writing career. You encouraged me to continue reaching for my dream.

I wish you joy and blessings.

And leave you with this little baby all grown up:


Latest Comments

  1. estelea says:

    Good luck with the new blog 🙂 I love those pictures of peacock, so beautiful!
    Btw we have moved to Vietnam and so has our blog. We are now at http://www.frenchtouchinhanoi.wordpress.com See you around X

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  2. derrickjknight says:

    Good to see you back. Going over to new blog now


  3. FlowerAlley says:

    YOU ARE BACK. I have missed you friend. So glad you are still blogging, even if it is not as the Prairie Princess.


  4. Nick Rankin says:

    Congratulations on your new format! It’s good to have you back and I’ll be following your upcoming posts!


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  5. phoartetry says:

    I’ve missed you. Happy to see you back.

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  6. Julie@frogpondfarm says:

    Oh I have missed you too! I’ll be popping over to your new site now. Wonderful to have you back 😀

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  7. Rolling Harbour says:

    Best of luck with the new blog – and thanks for the old one. We have feral peafowl on Abaco at a long defunct fishing lodge that had an ornamental pair. As nature has gradually reclaimed the site, the birds have found a happy safe home for some 20 years and are slowly expanding their range. Everyone loves them and rightly so. At the moment they are officially classified as ‘exotics’ along with escaped macaws, pet muscovy ducks and the like. In 50 years time I guess they will have spread further and be reclassified with an upgrade to an introduced species native to Abaco! All the best from Rolling Harbour.

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