A Trying Tale

Give it up.

You can’t do it.

You’re wasting your time.

Those were my thoughts as I spent weeks trying to capture an acceptable photo to post on this blog. I confess, out of defeat, in my last three posts I resorted to old photos. It wasn’t that I wasn’t trying. I tried and I tried and I tried, but to no avail, my photos were juvenile. After a three year break from blogging, my photography skills were rusty. I had a few shots, but they were either too dark or too blurry.

This was a crazy idea. Why are you blogging? I grumbled to myself. It’s a farce. You haven’t had a visit from a peacock in years, yet you call yourself, Peacock Prairie??  (A few years back, after a terrifying incident with our dog, the neighboring peacocks stopped visiting.)

One desperate day, I plopped myself into the forsythia blooms. If I don’t get a photo today, I quit!  Oh so still, I crouched, my feet and legs going numb from lack of movement in an awkward position, my mind churning with frustration. When a breeze rippled the blooms before me into a golden wave, my thoughts shifted to the beauty. From a nearby wood, the melodious song of a brown thrasher soothed my ruffled spirit, soon dissolving my troubles into joy. At the exact moment of joy, in a fiery flash, this handsome fellow flew in–a cardinal in the forsythia blooms.

And I caught him!

One acceptable photo in one month’s time.

But isn’t he fine! Well worth the struggle. I’m completely smitten. Gazing at his radiant beauty, I admit to wishing I were a bird. Just imagine perching in the blooms of spring. And singing!

After that initial hurdle, a few more photos trickled in, reminding me that I don’t know what I’m capable of until I try. And if the trying brings me joy instead of success, what have I lost?

We all have dreams, those nudgings of the heart that go like this: I wish I could . . .

But we tell ourselves, I could never do that, I don’t have the talent. Or, we try and then get lost in our declared failure.

But sometimes with the trying comes joy, and sometimes out of that joy comes . . .

Once I had a dream–a dream of being a children’s book author. For seven years, as I tapped out my stories, I kept this quote written by Anonymous on my desktop beside me: Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut that held its ground.

And today . . .

I’m singing in the blooms of spring!

And you’ll never believe how I solved the ‘no peacock’ problem. I was planting seeds in my vegetable garden and this peeked over the top of the corncrib!

He’s back! How did he know I was missing and needing him so? Coincidence? I think not, for he and his friends haven’t missed a day since. I even had a rare visit from a shy peahen! These beautiful birds want to know YOU!

Have a dreamy day, Peacock Prairie people.

All photos and words property of Peacock Prairie.

Latest Comments

  1. The West Laine Wanderer says:

    Love the beautiful photos! Keep it up. Greetings from London.


  2. Nick Rankin says:

    Thanks for the great photos and words of inspiration!


  3. Jill Richards Proctor says:

    Thank you, Julia, for the inspiration I needed at this moment. Your photographs are beautiful, and I am so happy your peacock friends have returned. Your words have reminded me to stay in the game, and that the JOY IS THE SUCCESS!


  4. marvaseaton says:

    A perfect reminder of how beautiful nature is. Thanks for sharing!


  5. Lynne says:

    Sometimes there is joy in the trying! Look for the joy! Love your photos! Glad the peacocks are back!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Erin Schauer says:

    Looking forward to reading the book!! This is such a fun idea

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Penny says:

    Love! Love! Love! Each one of your blogs is like a wonderful gem or should I say beautiful blooming flower! Thank you! Ps Per Maryella, perseverance… 🙂


  8. Anne Klimek says:

    The photos are beautiful and so professional looking. I enjoy reading your blog; as I am reading I visualize what you are writing. So very poetic.


    • Julia says:

      Thank you, dear Aunt Anne. I appreciate the appreciation! After my brief stint in the school, I also have a new appreciation for teachers. Thank you for all that you did for children.


  9. Becky says:



  10. AmyRose🌹 says:

    Julia! Oh my goodness!! Congratulations on your book! I am just so happy for you! You must be on top of the world! Speaking of books, I just read when you stop struggling and wanting to get noticed or wanting to be famous and just start using your talent because you love doing it, that is when the MAGIC happens. HA! So true! When I find I am trying too hard, I get next to nothing. But when I’m just walking about, relaxed, and eager to see what Mother gives me, that is when I catch effortlessly so much (well yes there is some effort to what I do but cuz I love it so much, it doesn’t seem like work)!! I LOVE your pictures! Just flow, just go with the natural world, and you will be amazed by what transpires and what you capture. YAY!! xo


  11. Julie@frogpondfarm says:

    Your photos are wonderful and it is delightful having you back! … I had the same thing happen too with my photography .. it just wasn’t happening. Thank heavens things change! I’m so pleased Mr and Mrs peacock are back!! Yay


    • Julia says:

      Thank you, Julie. I never imagined you had difficulty with your photography. Each and every one of your photos are exquisite. And in your last post, I was happy to see zinnias! Nice to know those fragrant beauties bloom on all sides of this pretty blue planet. (I would have liked to comment directly on your post, but for some aggravating reason my new computer will not allow me to like or comment–aargh! In order to respond, I have to reboot my old computer. I’ll figure it out one of these days or ask help from the younger generation.) Take care!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Rolling Harbour says:

    Julia, just keep going! If it’s any consolation, I reckon non-pro photography is often tough, and it’s easy to become self-critical / set standards too high. Last night I had to delete more than 50 photos of a pair of owlets taken at dusk in low light and at a distance… Only 3 made the cut and only 1 was usable at all! RH


  13. Jeffrey says:

    Go Chester the peacock!


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