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A blog written and photographed by children’s book author,

Julia Richardson


Do what you love, the rest will come.” This quote is the reason Julia writes. Now that she is published, the rest has come in the form of making a difference. There is joy in knowing her picture books bring children and adults together for treasured moments.

When Julia was young, she struggled to read and write. Thanks to dedicated teachers Julia overcame a severe case of dyslexia. Her path to publication encourages children to believe with hard work and determination anything is possible. When Julia is not writing, she can be found hiking with her dog, eating lots and lots of dark chocolate, reading a children’s book, spending time with her family, or photographing the beauty around her home that she calls Peacock Prairie.

Peacock Prairie a place of:





And Books

Little Dandelion Seeds the World

Illustrated by Kristen and Kevin Howdeshell


5 Star Review San Francisco Book Review: Children will love the ingenuity as well as the repetition of the text, which allows even the youngest ones to take part. With excitement they’ll chant: “Down with a root. Up with a shoot. A little dandelion blooms….” Then, they’ll plead, “Can we read it again? Please.” It’ll soon become a household favorite. 
Publisher’s Weekly: Vivid, screenprint-esque digital illustrations by the Howdeshells trace the seeds’ paths, showcasing animals from each continent amid landscapes enlivened by terrain-distinct color palettes. Younger readers will enjoy this informative read, which shows how nature unites the globe.
Available at these booksellers: Amazon  Barnes&Noble  Bookshop



Let’s Build a Little Train (releases July 2022)

Illustrated by Ryan O’Rourke

Publisher’s Weekly: Part story, part information, all rhyming train celebration. Robust vocabulary will intrigue newer train fans while tickling advanced enthusiasts. Careful word and layout choices strike a sweet spot. The combination of rhymes, chugging sound effect prompts, and tender illustrations makes this a strong choice. Terrific.
Available for preorder at these booksellers: Amazon  Barnes&Noble Bookshop


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Julia encourages you to follow your dreams.


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