• To be or not to be.

    September 27, 2014 That was the question. Hayden Creek Farm greeted the world with a front storm door that screamed for the dumpster. Covered with lead paint  and sealed shut with duct tape, it caused many reality based professionals to shake their heads and say, “Not worth saving.” Let’s open it and see what was on… Continue Reading

  • Hang in there!

    August 18,2014 What have we done? Paradise destroyed. This is FUN!   Ready or not here comes Winter! We are not ready. It’s moving day! Thank goodness the snow is gone. That’s me with my husband. Call him Farmer Tom. Hello prairie! There were no peacocks in sight on this day. See all of the… Continue Reading

  • Home sweet home: before and after.

    August 17, 2014 Hayden Creek Farm when we purchased it. It looks pretty good from the road. View from the back. The shutters are a better indication of what lies ahead. Moving out to the prairie-still in one piece! Shortly after we moved the house, there was a beautiful double rainbow. Being only the third… Continue Reading