• Sweet Honey Buzz

    If I buzzed about in blooms, I’d chat with friends in rosy rooms. I’d sip from fragrant purple buds in polka-dotted pollen duds. I’d soar among the hollyhocks and snuggle into frilly frocks. I’d make a sticky honey brew that’d flow like sunshine’s golden hue. And then I’d rest beneath a bell where perfumed dreams… Continue Reading

  • Wild Blackberry Banter

    My first reaction to a situation tells me a lot about me. ******* If you were to unexpectedly drop by Peacock Prairie late in the morning, ideally this would be my reaction: Dog barks. I stop my writing and look up from my computer. Someone’s here. Who could it be? Pre-showered, in a mis-matched outfit,… Continue Reading

  • Cascades of Creamy Pink Roses

    Tucked away in my memories like lace in the linen closet are childhood visits to the neighboring farmhouse. Climbing the secret stairs under towering maples, my siblings and I knew to circle round to the back porch in search of chewy oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies and a coveted visit. In June, the perimeter of the old… Continue Reading

  • Serenity

    This morning in the vegetable garden, under a canopy of brilliant blue, surrounded by a chorus of jenny wrens and bluebirds and song sparrows, I planted miracles. As I dropped the tiny, almost imperceptible, seeds into the soil, I was confident they would eventually transform by some mysterious miracle into crunchy lettuce. Many of you think… Continue Reading

  • Porch Chair Rocking

    September 18, 2015 Summer’s ending, Autumn’s pending. Porch chair rocking, sipping brew. Last year’s promise, this year’s beauty. Seed heads blooming, rainbow hue. Zinnia nectar luring, calling. Flitter, flutter, wings bewitched. Pretty petals, beauty flaring. Rocking, rocking, life enriched. Summers hummers, zipping, dipping Tasting nectar with a sip. Ruby-throated wonder zooming, Getting ready, lengthy trip.… Continue Reading

  • Captain of my ship

    September 6, 2015 I like to think I am in control of myself, captain of my ship, sailing where I wish, but I confess I was not. I was living my life glued to the computer screen. It’s important for a writer, who uses a keyboard and computer, to sit by a screen, but it… Continue Reading

  • Hidden Treasure

    June 19, 2015 See those towering hollyhocks? I dreamed of those. When I planted the package of seemingly insignificant seeds, I doubted my success. I thought about purchasing a potted hollyhock, but I wanted droves and droves, and a pot offered but one. Last year, in late spring, I started the seeds in my vegetable garden.… Continue Reading

  • School Days

    June 11, 2015 There is a routine to dinner here on the prairie. It starts with Farmer Tom’s question, How was school? To which is replied, Good. Every single school day– same question, same response. So now that school is out, I wondered, what would we talk about? Surprisingly, it started out with the familiar,… Continue Reading

  • An Unexpected Blessing

    April 18, 2015 Sown by nature, wildflowers amaze me with their dainty appearance, yet obvious strength. How did these fragile looking hepatica push through the heavy layer of fallen leaves? The mystery of life is never so apparent as in spring when Earth transforms her energy into shoots of green at an astonishing rate. As I… Continue Reading

  • Grungy

    April 15, 2015 Have you ever had one of those days? Well, today I had one. . . a splendidly perfect day! So, what makes a day perfect for a farm girl, wannabe children’s author, like me? I awoke to birdsong drifting through my window and a dazzling sunrise shimmering through the pines which highlighted… Continue Reading