• Wild Blackberry Banter

    My first reaction to a situation tells me a lot about me. ******* If you were to unexpectedly drop by Peacock Prairie late in the morning, ideally this would be my reaction: Dog barks. I stop my writing and look up from my computer. Someone’s here. Who could it be? Pre-showered, in a mis-matched outfit,… Continue Reading

  • Poof

    Like the swirls of snowflakes out my window, a cloud of flour floated through my kitchen. Oh boy, I thought, here we go. Remember your intention. “What’s next?” asked my 8 year old son. “3/4 tsp. of cinnamon.” “I’ll get it,” he said, measuring a heaping teaspoonful of. . . Cumin. “Can I do the… Continue Reading

  • Because it’s Raining

    June 15, 2015 Once upon a time, the lone toilet in a damsel’s castle cracked. It was just a sliver of a crack, but nevertheless. . . drip. No problem, thought the damsel, I’ll put this cup here to catch the drips until it can be fixed. Unfortunately, the cup runneth over sooner than the… Continue Reading

  • Spring Fling

    April 30, 2015 Spring is rollin’ in on the prairie. Buttercups are blooming. Puppies are prancing. Sand is seducing. And peacocks? Peacocks are promenading! This is, my friend, Chester. As he quivered his feathers, stared intently into my eyes, and slowly inched within inches, I wondered, does he mistake me for a peahen? I do… Continue Reading