• Glory in the Meadow

    When a great teacher passes, he leaves behind . . . golden memories . . . of love . . . in God’s glorious garden of life. When a great teacher passes, he leaves behind . . . no doubts . . . of his destination. “I will be in glory,” he assures us. When… Continue Reading

  • One Little Thing

    Throughout my day, ideas pepper my mind of ways to spread love–reach out to that one, write a note to that one, open up to that one, hug that one, pay attention to that one. Often the ideas are out of my comfort zone, so I ignore them . . . and go on my… Continue Reading

  • Directional Challenge

    October 28, 2015 If self-love was available in a cup, it’d be bigger than Starbucks. It’d drink like morning sunshine, illuminating inner beauty, and taste like joy. At least, that’s what I thought until I came across a gem of a new concept. This concept changes the direction of self-love from something that flows inward.… Continue Reading

  • Cicadian Rhythm

    July 18, 2015 Like a long dotted line the song of the cicada floats across the prairie. With seasoned awareness, old timers announce, “Six weeks till frost.” So soon? In the stifling heat with humidity thick as steam, it’s difficult to believe frost is so near. But Mother Earth is dependably predictable in her transformation.… Continue Reading

  • Old Souls

    July 5, 2015 Old souls enter my life like the gentlest of a summer breeze stirring love in my heart and wisdom in my mind. Compared to their blooming fragrance, I am but a bud. As I continually strive for growth, I attempt to emulate them, for they open new doors to the possibility of… Continue Reading

  • Head-Over-Heels

    A lot has happened on the prairie since we last talked. There is an urgency in my typing that is new as adrenaline surges through me. Unpredictability has entered my life, and it keeps me on the edge of my seat. What could it be, you wonder? I will show you. This little fireball sits at… Continue Reading