• Blazing Beauty

    Blooming branches, Babbling bluebird, Buttercups. Barnyard banter, Bouncing babies, Basking bullfrog, Bursting buds. Big Ben’s birthday, Brown-laced bunting,  Bitty bunny, Butterfly. And . . . a blossoming blue boy baby. Have a Bbbbbeautiful day! All photos and words property of author.

  • Come Walk with Me

    Down a two-trackin trail through the whispering pines to the crest of a hill where the morning sun shines. There at the top of a sycamore tree a red-breasted robin acknowledges me. His melody floats to the meadow below that shelters the promise of spring’s early show. A babble of bluebirds swoosh by in a… Continue Reading

  • The Visit

    Spring was here, and then. . . it wasn’t. Along with the snow, my older son returned home for a week’s break from college. Let the good times roll! He used to be such a big part of my daily life, but now I sit on the periphery and watch. Sometimes he asks for my… Continue Reading

  • The Pendulum

    Yesterday’s snowdrops lie . . . under a snow drop. Yesterday’s field of elegant beige . . . lies buried beneath a frosted blue haze. Yesterday’s patchwork . . . now shimmers in silver. Yesterday’s stillness . . . is shattered by birdsong. Yesterday’s growth . . . awaits the next thaw. Spring’s early glimmer… Continue Reading

  • All in the Day of a Mother

    May 8, 2015 Last fall, my friends, Jet and Julia, flew south with their two grown goslings. In late January, they returned with those same goslings, plus one, in tow. The beginning of March marked the end of childhood for the goslings. Jet and Julia asserted their authority and kicked them all out. It took… Continue Reading

  • Potawatomi Wannabe

    May 5, 2015 Reverence for nature. That’s what captivates me most about the lifestyle of the American Indians. This excerpt from Chief Seattle’s letter written to the president in 1852 captures that reverence: Every part of the earth is sacred to my people. Every shining pine needle, every sandy shore, every mist in the dark… Continue Reading

  • Spring Fling

    April 30, 2015 Spring is rollin’ in on the prairie. Buttercups are blooming. Puppies are prancing. Sand is seducing. And peacocks? Peacocks are promenading! This is, my friend, Chester. As he quivered his feathers, stared intently into my eyes, and slowly inched within inches, I wondered, does he mistake me for a peahen? I do… Continue Reading

  • An Unexpected Blessing

    April 18, 2015 Sown by nature, wildflowers amaze me with their dainty appearance, yet obvious strength. How did these fragile looking hepatica push through the heavy layer of fallen leaves? The mystery of life is never so apparent as in spring when Earth transforms her energy into shoots of green at an astonishing rate. As I… Continue Reading

  • Bliss

    April 3, 2015 It’s dusk after a perfect 70-degree day. Peep. Did you hear something? Peep, peep. The long-awaited song of the spring peepers has begun! These thumbnail-size frogs which breed in swamps and wetlands during early spring belt out a deafening song. Actually, it is the male that peeps about once every second to attract… Continue Reading

  • Spring has Sprung!

    March 16, 2015 Look-at-meeeee!  Ok-a-leeeee! This hearty fellow belted out a beautiful song this morning with apparent lack of concern for me, my puppy, or my tripod. Home at last, he flits about with a lusty song. Red-winged blackbirds are polygamous and can sire up to fifteen nests at a time. His job is to protect his… Continue Reading