• The Smell of the Sea

    Join me as I remember Prince Edward Island, Canada, where I left a piece of my heart: As the rental car drove from the airport across a dark island, the sunrise seeped a slow beacon of light into the landscape, illuminating a veritable fairyland. Mile after mile of tall pink and purple spires misted the… Continue Reading

  • Michilimackinac

    In the waters joining Lake Michigan and Lake Huron, near the bridge connecting Michigan’s lower peninsula to the upper peninsula, lies a hump-backed island named Michilimackinac by the Native Americans. Michilimackinac, which has been shortened to Mackinac, means “place of the great turtle.” Today the island resembles a turtle not only in shape but also… Continue Reading

  • Where the Clear Water Runs

    August 13, 2015 As I glide through crystal clear water on a private lake in the Adirondack mountains, the immense quiet seems to echo nothingness. This is in sharp contrast to the sweeping views before me. In this land far removed from human interference, I expect┬ámore obvious wildlife activity. But the creatures here are introverts… Continue Reading

  • A Journey North

    June 28, 2015 I spent a short 24 hours, 4 hours north, in northern Michigan. Northern MIchigan is rugged in winter, but when winter finally recedes, the quaint villages and lovely beaches are popular summer havens. Nestled among a grove of mature white birch, this cottage on the shore of Lake Charlevoix has been passed… Continue Reading